2016 election polls: learn more about the presidential candidates

2016 election polls: learn more about the presidential candidates

2016 election polls: learn more about the presidential candidates

The time has come to cast your vote in latest presidential polls and select your future leader to run the country. So before casting your precious vote it’s advisable to know about the candidates who are now battling to win the hot seat. Let’s see the brief details about the candidates which can help you to take a decision to select your leader more wisely.

Details of the presidential candidates

In the 2016 election poll, there are total 8 candidates who have better chances of winning the poll and still now going strong. These candidates are from both Democratic and Republican Party along with an independent candidate named Mark Bloomberg.

  • Hilary Clinton: Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is a democratic nominee and her chances of winning the latest presidential polls are much brighter than any other candidates. Amongst all the candidates she is the most sensible and experienced too. She is a former senator and also was the first lady of United States of America as well. She also handled the office of United States Secretary of State for a period of 4 years. According to the results, she is the most favorite among all the contestants too.
  • Bernie Sanders: This 1941 born democratic leader is the junior United States Senator from Vermont. Before becoming the contestant and junior states senator he served as the mayor of Burlington and used to represent the Vermont’s at-large congressional district in United States House of Representatives.
  • Donald Trump: Donald John Trump Sr. is a businessman, author, investor and one of the most popular personalities in the US. This republican candidate is among the strong contenders of the US 2016 polls. Trump is known for his outspoken manner, extravagant lifestyle and as the chairperson of The Trump Organization.
  • Ted Cruz: Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz is another among the most favorite candidates from a republican. He was the first Cuban-American senator elected in 2012 as a senator of Except that he is an accomplished leader and served many more responsible positions till date.
  • Marco Rubio: Marco Antonio Rubio is serving as a junior senator of Florida since 2011. This University of Miami School of Law graduate previously served as a Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives from 2007 to 2009.
  • Ben Carson: Benjamin Solomon “Ben” Carson, Sr. is a famous neurosurgeon and an author. He achieved many triumphs in his career and now as a republican nominee he is fighting for the presidential seat.
  • John Kasich: John Richard Kasich before elected as the presidential candidate in 2016 polls used to serve as the 69th Governor of Ohio and also served successfully many important positions till date.

So now it’s your turn to cast your vote to the best candidate of 2016 election polls and decide who will continue to reign in the coming years and lead the United States of America.

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