The benefits of silestone countertops

The benefits of silestone countertops

The benefits of silestone countertops

Silestone is one of the most naturally durable and beautiful materials that are used in countertops. Furthermore, silestone countertops also happen to be suitable for the bathrooms. In this regard, they can be considered as all-rounder countertops that are great for a range of purposes. Other options that you have include granite countertops, marble countertops, quartz countertops, and a range of other more exotic options. With that, nowadays, butcher block is also becoming very popular. So, do not hesitate to choose the less popular options just because they are not famous. Who knows? They might be more suitable for you based on your requirements and budget.

Advantages of silestone countertops

Silestone is a form quartz as it is made up of 92% pure quartz. This gives it a very natural quality, and gives it a range of different patterns, textures, and colors. As a result of this, silestone countertops are ideal for modern bathrooms and kitchens.

Furthermore, these countertops also carry a good level of stain and heat resistance. Since they are made of a non-porous material, you do not have to seal them after every few months.

Nevertheless, if you have decided to get silestone countertops or are expecting to get one, it will be better for you to know all the benefits of silestone countertops. Luckily, you do not have to run a new search for this. This is something that you will learn in this article. These benefits include:

Stain resistance

Silestone is a material that is regarded as non-porous quartz. This means that it has a great level of stain resistance. So, in case you spill olive oil, makeup, coffee, tea, or juice on it, the stain will not be permanent. You can easily clean the stain off with a wipe. In that regard, silestone countertops are easy to clean.

Impact resistant

Whether you are throwing a knife, fork, stone, or a whole jug on the countertop, it will not get affected. The impact resistance of silestone countertops is even higher than the impact resistance of granite countertops. As counterintuitive as it may sound, this is very true.

Wider range of colors and textures

Perhaps the best advantage of buying silestone countertops is that they offer you a wider range of textures and colors that you can choose from. At the same time, silestone countertops tend to look great in all options. So, you do not really have to worry about its looks.

Acid resistance

Made of quartz, silestone coutnertops possess a natural acid resistance quality. This is because quartz is one of the hardest minerals present on earth. As a result of this, it shows great acid resistance. So, even if you left some lemon juice spilled on it for a day, the countertop will not get ruined. This makes it highly suitable.

Bacteria fighting

It is surprising but that is true. Silestone countertops also carry a very natural bacteria resistance quality. Since it is a fighting agent against these microorganisms, silestone countertops can provide a very hygienic and clean space.

Ending note

Now that you have noticed all the benefits of silestone countertops, you may have made your mind up to get one. If still, you prefer other countertops such as marble countertops Durham NC, do not hesitate to go for that choice. Essentially speaking, you should always be choosing the particular countertop that looks good to your eyes. After all, this is going to be YOUR major investment. Hence, you should not really choose something based on what others suggest to you. Ultimately, you do not want to have any regrets about your decision since it’s a big investment.

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