9 Essential Commercial Appliance Maintenance Tips

9 Essential Commercial Appliance Maintenance Tips

9 Essential Commercial Appliance Maintenance Tips

In order to maintain your commercial appliances, you need to follow some useful tips. Below are some tricks in this regard so that you can ensure maintenance of your commercial appliances for a long time and improve their performance. Plus, these tips will help you spend less money commercial appliance repair.

Check the Gaskets

Gaskets of all the appliances for commercial use are important. Small cracks and splits can be harmful as they allow the cool air to escape which affects the performance of the appliance. Moreover, make sure the gaskets are clean, free from dirt and they are cleaned on a regular basis for better functioning of the appliances.

Check the Air Filters

A number of equipment in commercial kitchen contain air filters. For instance, the refrigerator, ice machine and cooler are few of the appliances that work on the air filters. In order to maintain these appliances for long, you must check the air filters and clean them on a regular basis. It will ensure improved performance and better efficiency of your products.

Clean All the Coils

Among many appliances, the commercial refrigerators are considered the most important as they store food, protect what you store inside as well as provide ice with their ice makers. There are sensitive coils in the condenser and evaporator of the freezer or refrigerator which must be kept clean if you want these appliances to last for a long period of time. You will hardly need to repair them this way.

Keep Pans and Tubes Free of Debris

The walk-in coolers, freezers and refrigerator contain pans and tubes. It should be noted that keeping the pans and tubes clean is highly important because it ensures these appliances will get a boost in their performance. They may be clogged or blocked due to debris. Therefore, regular cleaning will make them work better and faster.

Monitor Your Fryers

Along with other things, monitoring your fryers is really important. The reason for this is that the fryers may cause leaks which can be dangerous in commercial kitchens. There is an easy and simple way to monitor the fryers. Take soapy water and spray it over the hoses. If you see any kind of bubbles, it shows a possible gas leak. Moreover, the smell of gas also helps find out the leaks in the commercial fryers.

Clean the Combustion Fans

In addition, you should take care of the combustion fans in your commercial fryers. It is really easy and simple. All you need to do is to clean the combustion fans on a regular basis. Experts advise that the fans should be cleaned once a month for better maintenance and avoiding repairing issues. It surely leads to better performance of the appliance and prevents possible breakdowns.

Boil Out the Fryer Regularly

Your commercial fryer is prone to a number of items which can affect its performance. Among these include the fats and carbon deposits. When these remnants are clogged, the commercial fryer will have reduced performance. In order to prevent this issue as well as any breakdown of the appliance, it should be boiled out regularly to remove fats and carbon deposits.

Clean the Burners and Grates

Like other appliances, it is imperative to take care of the burners and grates. These appliances demand regular cleaning every month. What you can do is to scrub every surface deeply so that it can be kept clean. For grates, you can put them in the soapy water and it helps you keep it clean. This process can be repeated every month for these appliances.

Check the Grease Filters

Many people working in commercial kitchens with appliances have reported the issue of grease buildup which affects the airflow and thus hampers efficiency of your appliances. In order to remove the grease, you can take help from the user manual. Moreover, the filters in your appliances can also be replaced if they are clogged with too much grease. For replacement, you should seek help from any professional service provider.


It is very easy to prevent the breakdown of your commercial appliances if you take some precautionary steps. Some useful tricks are listed above that you can follow with comfort and improve performance of your appliances. Do contact a good commercial refrigerators repair Fairfax service when any of your appliance is not working.

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