6 Things You Should Know Before Countertop Replacement

6 Things You Should Know Before Countertop Replacement

6 Things You Should Know Before Countertop Replacement

Before diving into the decision of buying a brand new countertop for your home and talk with granite countertop installers, you must throw some light upon important factors. There are various aspects that you must investigate for total satisfaction.

Educate Yourself About Countertops

If you do not put efforts to get your hands on the right countertop that blends perfectly with your furniture then you will be on pins and needles the whole time your countertop is intact. To avoid this hassle, make sure to go through your countertop options thoroughly so that no regrets are entertained later. The most installed materials are listed below:

  1. Quartz and Granite

Quartz countertops and Granite countertops are similar in many ways. According to installers, it is available in a wide variety of markings or patterns. Both of these materials bear maximum amount of strength and desirable features.

  1. Laminate

One of the most common stones is Laminate. It is highly durable and range from a good number of colors and textures. It mostly wears the texture of wood flooring which appeals to many customers. It is resistant to water and does not require heavy maintenance.

  1. Marble

Marble is known to be the cooling stone because of its surprisingly cooling effect. It is a strong as well as fancy stone that proves to be a pleasing décor for your home.

  1. Soapstone

This milky textured stone is highly recommended among people. Because of its anti-stain properties and easy maintenance, people tend to opt for it. The overall look of soapstone countertop is that of an antique countertop.

  1. Concrete

This option is not highly common but if chosen correctly, it makes your home look fancy and admirable. It can be textured with the color of your choice and can be maintained by regular polishing and sizing. Its final look is extremely aesthetic which never goes without receiving compliments.

Find the Unbearable Damage

It is not strictly necessary to get a countertop installation right away in case you find minuscule aberrations in your older version. Installing a new countertop is an expensive and deadly task. You must only carry it out when your older countertop has damage all over its surface including pitting or cracks and has aged far too much.

Older Materials Must Coordinate With the New Ones

The material you buy to replace must coordinate with the previous one. It is important to keep in mind that apart from countertop, backsplash also holds great significance. The material of backsplash must match the countertop because the removal of countertop and backsplash is done at the same instant therefore making the said task your ultimate priority.

Your Home Appliances Must Match With the Countertop

Take time to choose the right color and stone for your countertop. This may seem trivial but later you will realize what kind of an impact a good match makes. The countertop and your appliances should go together well because nobody desires a pleasing home with mismatched furniture.

Pay Attention to Your Budget

Each material is relatively different to the other in terms of color, cost, pattern or quality. The variation in the stone’s material is discerning and important. For instance, Granite is available in heavy cost as compared to laminate countertops which are favorable for limited budgets. There are several features on the basis of these countertops are analyzed; color, thickness, patterns, cost etc.

Contact Professionals for Best Results

If you are new to this or having doubts regarding the entire installation procedure then the only thing you need is professional help. You must leave the installation process to be executed perfectly in professional hands as they will know exactly how to carry out certain tasks. The only way to achieve best results is through help from a pro.

The practice of replacing countertops is not something you do out of fun or boredom, it is a proper chore which requires comprehensive knowledge and more importantly tons of dedication. Most of the time people end up making wrong decisions and that is when the realization hits. To save yourself the time and energy, you must pan out all elements that validate your decision of countertop replacement with the help of quartz countertops Raleigh NC contractor. All of the above mentioned aspects must not be overlooked.


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