Tree Trimming Services for Your Home

Tree Trimming Services for Your Home

Tree Trimming Services for Your Home

Tree pruning and trimming services have been considered equal but for the professionals who understand the true deal, pruning is not the equivalent as trimming. Both terms have different systems and processes.

When one discuss tree trimming, it is like tree grooming or tree maintenance. Trimming the tree focuses on the outer look only. The tree owner is concerned about the tree shape to make it look perfect – talk out new growth, trimming off bad branches and forming the branches or leaves according to style.

On the other hand, tree pruning is more of salvaging the health situation of the tree. Pruning is very important for sick trees. With this scheme, the experts have to get rid of a dull branch or dirty tree limbs to keep the life of the tree and save the persons around it. This is the big difference between tree trimming and pruning services.

When a tree is pruned, an excellent air passage is promoted. Also, insects which have infected the tree branch will be removed. The decaying limb will grow back again into a fit branch or twig. Additional, with pruning, the tree can bear fruits and flowers. It will be restored to its once better state. If the tree is in best physical shape, you and your family who is living within its vicinity will be fit too.

Tips on tree pruning

Observing a tree trimming and pruning services crew does their work; you will realize that they will not cut off the branch collar of the tree. Why? It has the parent tissue of the tree and removing will destroy it. If they have to remove a rotting area of the collar, the cut will have to be made just beyond the place and not on it.

There is also a way of cutting the branches. An expert will have to decrease the weight of a branch before fully cutting it off. An undercut must be done at around a foot and a half of the linked limb. A next cut from the top is also required to remove the limb, then just top to the branch collar. Doing this procedure will protect the bark from tearing.

Tree removal services chevy chase are top done during the winter season because it is simple to view which branches need to be pruned. So, the time is now. Professional will not do it when the temperature is at freezing level though. This will make the trees weak.

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