Everything one needs to know about teeth cleaning

Everything one needs to know about teeth cleaning

Everything one needs to know about teeth cleaning

If the dazzling whiteness of your teeth has started eroding these days, it is high time for you to watch the foods you are eating regularly.  Some foods are well known for its ability to discolor the teeth. Precautions to be taken to prevent discoloration of teeth are discussed below. According to the best dentist,   main reasons for the loss of dazzling color of your teeth are chromogens and acids contained in the food you eat regularly. Some of the common foods that contain high quantity of teeth staining elements which necessitates frequent teeth cleaning are detailed below. Unfortunately many of them are our common food items that we consume on a daily basis.  As per the findings of family dentistry, if you take some simple precautions the bad effects of these discoloring foods can be avoided to a great extent.

Coffee and tea

Regular coffee drinkers’ teeth are often seen slightly yellowish.  They are seen as regular visitors in family dentistry centers for procedures related to teeth whitening.  The enamel of our teeth is very porous. Coffee absorbed in its pores cause discoloration. Similarly, tea is more dangerous in this regard, though it has many health benefits. As coffee and tea are very acidic, the erosion of the enamel of teeth is caused as a result of regular drinking of these drinks. Tea and coffee are the most commonly consumed beverage and it is believed that about 500 billion glasses of tea are drunk every year. Reducing the intake of tea and coffee can help you to reduce the necessity for teeth cleaning.

Carbonated drinks

The fizzy drinks contain acids and chromogens that stain the teeth.  Dark colored sodas like colas have more chromogens. Light colored beverages are also not free from this problem. Phosphoric acid is contained in colas. Sodas flavored with lemon contain citric acid. These acids can cause teeth erosion.

Wine and berries

Fruits like cherries, grapes pomegranates etc are intently pigmented and they have great staining potential. Even in juice form they contribute to teeth staining.  Red wine has to be specially mentioned considering the severity of its attack caused by its increased acidity level.

Chewing gums  and candies.

Sugary treats contain more of teeth staining agents.  Anything that stains your tongue will stain your teeth also.  This is the basic rule to be remembered while thinking about brighter teeth. If avoiding your treats is unimaginable, then you will have to do teeth whitening regularly to keep your teeth brighter.

Tips to reduce staining potential of the above foods

  1. Avoid keeping them in the mouth for longer time.
  2. Use straws while drinking beverages or sodas.
  3. Rinse and brush your teeth very well after every meal.


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