History of Short Haircut: The Pixie

History of Short Haircut: The Pixie

History of Short Haircut: The Pixie

Hair styles have seen many changes throughout history, but, short haircut is one of those styles that remained relevant even after all these years. The pixie in particular sports a legendary look which never fails to make a lasting impression not only to those who try it, but also to those who have seen someone donning on this style.

The Pixie Style

Even though many of you are probably aware of how a pixie cut looks like, it is still great if you know what exactly comes with this cut. A pixie is basically a short hairstyle wherein the hair is made fairly close to your scalp. The locks are not more than 2 inches long although you can consider it not as a rule but more of a guideline. Pixies could be cut all at a uniformed length, or there can be layers to add more depth and volume to the look.

Throughout the years, women changed how they style their hair to pass as men for different reasons. From having to fight in wars to trying to reach for more success without letting their gender limit them, to just trying to gain access to similar opportunities available only to men, women who cut their hair to pixie length is not really news as far as history is concerned.

However, this utilitarian method soon became a significant statement both from a fashion standout and feminist standpoint.

Notable Celebrities in Pixies

During the 50s, two of the names that caught the attention of the public for their pixie cuts are none other than Audrey Hepburn and Jean Seberg. When the 60s came, Lesley Hornby marked the start of the take off the pixie cut, bringing it to fashion magazines. There was also Mia Farrow who cut her own hair using fingernail scissors. While the 80s favored bigger hair, and pixie cuts were no longer as common like what they used to be in the 60s, there were still some who pulled off the perfect look, including Cyndi Lauper and Grace Jones with her super cropped cut. Finally, in the 90s, Winona Ryder started the boyish looks, rocking it everywhere she went. Then, more celebrities followed suit, include Halle Berry, Dolores O’Riordan, Emma Watson, Kate Winslet, and so much more.

The pixie cut no doubt went through so many changes but just like in the trends of hair color and highlights, it remains to be a favorite up to this day and age for all the good reasons they where favored several decades ago. You should visit the best hair salon in rockville to get this hairstyle.

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