Why You Should Look Forward to a Root Canal

Why You Should Look Forward to a Root Canal

Why You Should Look Forward to a Root Canal

There’s something we generally don’t hear when it comes to root canal treatment. It goes something like this:  “Hi doctor, good to see you again!  I’m happy to be here today, and really looking forward to my upcoming root canal.”

You should take it as no surprise that there’s not a whole lot of people out there that look forward to root canal treatment. However, that’s where people might be wrong. In reality, you should be looking forward to a root canal.

We understand that most people don’t look for excuses to go to the dentist. However, if you’re experiencing tooth pain and are dreading your upcoming root canal treatment – think again.

Reasons You Should Look Forward to Your Root Canal

It won’t hurt

While there is a popular misconception that root canal treatment is bloody and painful, the truth is actually much more optimistic. In fact, while root canal treatment might have been uncomfortable years ago, the advent of modern anesthesia and the innovations made to dental tools make root canal treatment virtually painless and no more uncomfortable than a routine dental filling (which most patients have no trouble with). On top of this, the widespread availability of sedation dentistry means that even the most squeamish and fidgety patients can get the procedure without anxiety or fear.

Your tooth will feel better

The first goal of root canal treatment is to eliminate pain. By getting rid of bacteria and infection, the inflammation in your root canal will quickly evaporate. This will happen relatively quickly! Once your dentist clears out the bacteria and fills your tooth with medicine, it will be well on its pathway to recovery.

It will save your tooth

The second and, arguably, the most important goal of root canal treatment is to save your tooth.

While easing the pain in your tooth is great, saving your tooth is even better. By addressing problem teeth with timely root canal treatment, you prevent the need to completely replace your tooth – which is always preferable and more cost effective than an implant or prosthetic. effective, and least invasive. This is especially true when you consider the alternative: removing your tooth.

Are you experiencing a toothache that doesn’t seem to go away? Is it time to find a dentist near you to take care of it? Don’t fear the root canal, especially when it is the most direct path from pain to relief, for a tooth that will feel healthy and be healthy for years to come.

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