What To Do After A Chimney Fire?

What To Do After A Chimney Fire?

What To Do After A Chimney Fire?

Chimney fires are no joke. Not only is it a scary experience but can also damage the entire property. Irrespective of the scale of the fire, one should make sure it does not occur again or whether it is safe for use again by carrying out chimney inspection and repair. So, we are going to discuss what you should do after a chimney fire to keep everything safe and secure.

What Are The Signs Of A Chimney Fire?

Amongst the most common signs of chimney fire is flames spewing from the top of the flue is a guaranteed sign that either the chimney has caught fire or is about to catch fire. However, the smaller fires go unnoticed, which could be equally dangerous.

To make sure that your chimney has caught fire or can catch fire, you should find out if your chimney has puffy creosote, cracks or damage to the exterior masonry, smoke or heat damage to the roof, and round the chimney, etc.

If you find out that something is seriously wrong with your chimney, you should not go anywhere near it. Instead, you should call a professional chimney sweep or the local fire department before the fire can expand to other areas of the house.

Chimney fires expand within a matter of seconds. The majority of homeowners at first observation take it for granted. However, the next thing you know that the fire has engulfed half the property.

How To Perform Repairs Post Chimney Fire?

All chimney fires are not identical. While some might end up permanently damaging the chimney, leaving you with only one option of rebuilding it completely. Meanwhile, other fires may damage the chimney but not to the point where you have to rebuild it entirely. Some parts could be repaired or replaced.

Then again, you will need to call in a chimney contractor to assess the situation. If your chimney had caught fire, chances are that the flue, masonry, and flue tiles will need to be replaced. If you plan on repairing the chimney yourself, keep in mind that you might end up injuring yourself during the process.

How Can I Prevent Another Chimney Fire?

Keep the chimney properly cleaned to prevent fires. The reason is that chimneys become homes to certain creatures when not in use. During the summer season, birds and rats make space for themselves to hide and beat the heat.

This causes chimneys to clog. On the other hand, If the chimneys are not thoroughly cleaned, creosote buildup can cause sparks, which could lead to fires. Creosote buildup is a byproduct of the wood used for burning. That said, you should always use seasoned firewood.

Other types such as pines create comparatively more creosote. Furthermore, freshly cut or green wood can also add to the creosote buildup.

Does Chimney Need Maintenance?

Yes, chimney maintenance is the only way to keep it running without any complications in the long run. Even though most homeowners plan on maintaining the chimneys on their own, it is a risky process. Not only is cleaning and sweeping a chimney difficult but things inside the chimney can fall on the head, leading to serious injuries.

Moreover, chimneys are both deep and lengthy. Since the majority of homeowners do not have the required tools to properly clean them, which leaves them vulnerable to fires. Therefore, you should consider spending some money and hiring a professional who will make sure everything is in perfect working condition.

Where Do I Find An Expert?

Finding an expert is no easy task either. You should ask around in your social circle or relevant authorities if they can recommend someone. Once you have multiple options in hand, interview them and ask for the required certifications and experience.

However, do not opt for someone who is offering their services at a price that is lower than the market price. They might scam you and make the situation even more dangerous by damaging the chimney.

Final Word

Concluding, chimney fires are a lot easier to prevent than to take out. Make sure you inspect your chimney on a regular basis and hire chimney contractors Columbia MD for sweeping and repairs to keep it running effortlessly.

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