Save Money with These Tips for Maintaining Your Water Heater

Save Money with These Tips for Maintaining Your Water Heater

Save Money with These Tips for Maintaining Your Water Heater

Regular water heater maintenance can extend the life of your heating device and make it more energy efficient. Water heaters typically last 5 to 10 years, but by hiring hvac technician for proper water heater maintenance, you can increase the lifespan of your heater. The better you care for your heating unit, the more efficiently it will operate.

Water heater maintenance

When your water heater runs efficiently you do not have to call a repair technician as often, nor do you have to spend extra money for wasted energy costs. This kind of maintenance is not difficult, and it hardly costs you a thing. Here is how to keep your water heater in tip-top condition:

Drain Your Water Heater

Gas, dust and use can deposit sediments in your water heater. These sediments get deposited at the bottom of the heater and make it harder for the device to heat the water. Once a year, you should drain your water heater tank to clear up sediment build-up. This will help your device operate more safely and more quietly.

Insulate your water heater

Insulation is a great way of helping your water heater work more efficiently. Simply wrap the insulation around the water heater tank. This insulation tap will help water to stay warm without using any extra energy.

Use Vacation Mode

When you go out, switch your water heater on the vacation mode. Check your user manual for vacation mode settings. In vacation mode, the water heaters maintain the pilot light without heating the water. This means machine is not overworking when no one is home to use it.

Maintain water heater temperature

Keep your water heating unit at proper temperature. Setting the temperature too high will just wastes electricity by making your device work to keep the water warmer than you will ever need it to be.

Consult a Water heater Repair Specialist

Water heater is an important part of your heating unit. Just like other HVAC devices, it also requires annual inspection and cleaning to work properly. So, before you start using your water heater on the regular basis, hire a water heater repair technician for inspection and repair.

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