How To Repair Tree With Gorilla Glue

How To Repair Tree With Gorilla Glue

How To Repair Tree With Gorilla Glue

It is very common for the trees to get damaged due to several reasons, but, some trees get damaged in a way that they are about to fall apart or at least their branches do and in such cases, you run to find an arborist for tree surgery. But gorilla glue has some surprisingly amazing effects to repair such trees.

What Is Gorilla Glue?

Many people are unaware of the amazing invention on this glue which is known to be the strongest glue ever. You can get an idea of its strength by just looking at how it holds the entire tree together. There are many other uses of this gorilla glue as well but if we talk about tree repair, this super glue has made life a lot easier by its fantastic results. Now, if the tree in your yard get damaged and require repair, grab some necessary tools along with gorilla glue, do the surgery and voila! Your tree has been repaired and made robust like it used to be.

Here is how you can repair a tree using gorilla glue:

Determine the Area of Repair

There could be different types of damages to a tree for example; split tree, broken branch, etc. so, in order to proceed further the foremost thing that you should do is determine which part exactly needs repair. Once you know what it is, move to the second step.

Apply Glue to the Site of Repair

Apply an adequate amount of glue at the damaged or broken parts, spread it all around and hold both the parts together real tight.

Tie Both Parts

Obviously, the broken parts would get stuck together in just 5 minutes, they would require a lot of time to hold each other and get strong again. Moreover, you can also not hold the part together for much longer so, tie both the parts in a way that they stay close. Twine has been the best tying support in such cases. If you are unable to do the process on your own then call over tree services for professional work.

Cut the Twine Off

After several weeks of gorilla glue application, when it is about time to insert a nut into the tree, cut off the twine which you used to hold the two parts of the tree together.

Insert a Screw or a Nut

Gorilla glue would require some additional force as well to hold the damaged tree parts together. For which, a nut or a screw is needed to be inserted at the site of breakage. Drill a hole and insert a nut or screw into it, make sure that the branch or bark is at its right position and there is no weight on it so it is attached perfectly. For better work, find an arborist in your area.

So you see, how repairing a tree has become extremely easy due to the invention of gorilla glue that has majestic holding property. You can also do tree pruning to make your tree look better.

Health Risks of Gorilla Glue

While working with such a heavy-duty product, you should always take every precautionary measure because gorilla glue can cause the following health hazards:

  1. Even a slight contact of gorilla glue with eyes can cause irritation and the eyes should be rinsed thoroughly with water for about 10-15 minutes.
  2. In the case of ingesting gorilla glue, severe medical conditions can occur such as; gastrointestinal blockage.
  3. It can irritate the skin after contact hence should be washed properly if anything like this happens.
  4. If you are prone to allergies than before using the product, you should ask your allergist that is it safe for you to use it or not.

In order to avoid these hazards, wear gloves, masks and goggles while working or call over tree experts.

Loctite vs Gorilla Glue

These two are the most famous adhesive brands that have super strong holding ability according to tree services Chevy Chase. Loctite super glue and gorilla glue both have different types and each of which are highly effective. Sometimes, when people are unable to find gorilla glue, they are recommended to use Loctite super glue as an alternative. In the market full of adhesives, the top two brands suggested by every pro are only Loctite and gorilla glue.

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