How to find party rental supplies for a casino night?

How to find party rental supplies for a casino night?

How to find party rental supplies for a casino night?

Step 1. Check the internet to find local casino rental services.

Step 2. Check if the casino companies have a license in casino party planning. In order to know more about the license, you can call the state authority before calling the casino rental companies.

Step 3. Always go for local casino rental companies rather than national companies. Do not get carried away by celebrity faces on the website of some casino rental companies. Ask the companies to send an email of their price quotes. You might receive the price quotes from 2 or 3 companies in the same range and 1 or 2 companies may quote higher. The company that sends you a higher quote can be a national casino party company who will subcontract it to a local company quoting a lower price, adding that additional money to the bill.

Step 4. Check what casino games are there for hire. The general law is that 70% of your guests should be able to play the games. The rental company will advise you on this aspect and stay in touch with you the whole week till the day of the event, in case of any changes in the tables. For instance, if you are looking forward to 200 guests and suddenly realize that only 100 will attend the party, a good casino rental casino company will always recommend cutting down on the number of gaming tables. On the other hand, a casino themed party that intends on making money will propose to stick to the original plan. In short, a good rental company will always advise you the right number of tables and give equipments that do not have metal legs or any skirting done to hide those metal legs. Say, a roulette table can have up to 14 people leaning on it and shifting their weight and if the tables have metal legs, it can collapse. Ask the companies to send the images of the gaming tables or if they have it on their website, even better. Avoid agreeing to photographs of the tables showing just the top of the gaming tables.

Step 5. Check if the dealers are qualified and if possible, meet the dealers beforehand.

Step 6. Get in writing from the rental company that they will not subcontract the event to another rental company and plan for party decoration.

Ponder over these tips before hiring party rental supplies for a casino night.

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