Chimney repair and inspection keep your fireplace working safely

Chimney repair and inspection keep your fireplace working safely

Chimney repair and inspection keep your fireplace working safely

A chimney inspection is easy, noninvasive visual assessment of the key elements of your flue system and fireplace. We advised having a chimney inspection as part of your yearly cleaning. Your chimney sweep will check for deterioration, cracks, or other issues with the crown, glue, mortar, brick and flash as well as damper and firebox. Sometimes a video inspection is conducted to make sure there are no issues in hard-to-view places. If issues are detected, it is vital to have them addressed rightly. Problems involving mortar, cracks and weather-based damage will get bad the longer they are left uncorrected.

Chimney repair

Leaks, cracks and other issues can lead to home fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and potentially unsafe situations, so, it is vital to follow up your chimney inspection with all important repairs. Chimney repair is forever a job for experts, so be sure that you use a professional technician for complete, right repair to keep your home and family safe. General repairs include refining, brick repointing, and cap installation.

Brickwork repair and repointing

If the mortar is your chimney is eroding, it requires being repointed.  The mortar is essentially the glue gripping the bricks in the area, so if it starts to deteriorate, the bricks are no longer soundly held combine, your chimney may be collapse or crumble. Repointing makes sure that the bricks remain in the area and your chimneys structure stay sturdy. Broken or missing bricks should also be changed to keep it looking and working best. Mortar repointing and brick repair not just address aesthetic problems, but they can also resolve chimney leaks and stop deterioration.


Many older chimneys are lined with fireproof clay or tiles, but these materials can crack because of chimney fires and other issues. Once cracked, your liner can go no longer perform its job of protecting your chimney from high heat and stopping carbon monoxide leakage. This clay or title liner should be changed with a new stainless steel lining for best protection.


Chimney caps keep animals and water out of your flue. Both can cause big damage and stop your chimney from drawing rightly, so it is vital to have a cap installed. We highly advised screened caps to keep bats, birds, and other animals out.

If your fireplace is destroyed, it is vital to have it chimney repair quickly. While many fireplace repair problems are purely aesthetic, you don’t want to take any chances.

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