Can allergy symptoms change?

Can allergy symptoms change?

Can allergy symptoms change?

It has been found that the allergy symptoms shown by allergens like pollen, molds etc change year after year. The changes in the concentration of allergens in air are the primary cause for this change of symptoms. Climatic conditions are the deciding factor in the concentration of allergens. The changes in weather parameters can also be the reason for the change of concentration of allergens like pollen in the air.

Pollen Allergy

Concentration of pollen is determined by the rate of production of pollen by the plants in a particular area and its dispersal by wind. The production of pollen is dependent upon the growing period and the area of the place where plants producing pollen are growing. Global temperature rise can lead to longer growing seasons and consequent production of more pollen. But urbanization has found to decrease the production of pollen in a particular area. The humidity of air, the time of release, temperature, wind speed etc are factors that affect the release and the distribution of the pollen. The pollen count is determined taking into consideration all the above factors.

Pollen count

Pollen count in the sunrise is found to be lower for ragweed and it increases to the highest level by mid-day due to drying of pollen and increase in wind. Heavy rainfall also causes reduction in pollen count.  Some allergy doctor rain has been found to be instrumental in the release of pollen.


Similarly release of mold is seen affected by electrical discharge in air due to thunderstorm activity. When the pollen count is higher it has been experienced that pollen allergy sufferers experience sever allergy symptoms. Increase in allergen concentration can also produce symptoms in increased number of sufferers.


Apart from climatic conditions, according to an allergy doctor local environmental factors like indoor humidity and indoor pollen concentration etc also have profound influence on the symptoms of allergic reactions shown by pollen allergy sufferers.

Another important factor that is crucial in the variation of symptoms shown by allergy sufferers is whether they are undergoing any treatment and the manner in which they are following the treatment plans. Patient who undergoes long term immunotherapy done by allergy doctor shows improvements in symptoms over a long period say one year or so.

Our body’s immune systems response to environmental allergens also change over a period, though it is not very distinguishable and without any consistency. But this factor also contributes to the change in symptoms shown by allergic sufferers over a period of time.

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