Everything About Telescopic Cranes

Everything About Telescopic Cranes

Everything About Telescopic Cranes

You might have come across telescopic cranes at construction sites. Can be rented from crane services, these cranes are a fascinating piece of engineering designed to transport extremely heavy loads with the ability to maneuver around the construction site. But there’s more to it. Let’s discuss what these cranes are all about and why are they preferred to other types.

History Of Telescopic Cranes

The invention of construction cranes dates back to the Ancient Greeks. They were the first to develop and use construction cranes. However, at the time, humans and mostly animals such as donkeys were used. Shorter-reach jib crane was the first crane. These cranes were used for taller construction projects. As a result, production slowed down due to transportation limitations. This gave birth to engineering cranes.

Then, as the trade over oceans began in the 15th century, the maritime industry also got influenced and started developing construction cranes. Now, the cranes were able to lift and move heavy loads. As time passed by and the cranes entered the 18th and 19th centuries, electric variants were introduced. These types were far more efficient than manual cranes. Finally, the 20th century saw the introduction of boomstick cranes that are also called telescopic cranes.

Types Of Telescopic Cranes

The Maritime Industry categorizes telescopic cranes into two types. The smaller models featuring slewing cylinders are called the HM type and larger models with slewing rings are called the HMR type. In addition to that, telescopic cranes are also divided into two categories, single unit telescopic cranes and double unit telescopic cranes. Moreover, these cranes can sometimes be assembled as a single unit that is easier to move from one place to another.

Meanwhile, a double-unit telescopic crane features two parts i.e. a jib and a telescopic mast. The superstructure is usually mounted on a truck, which allows it to function like a telescopic crane.

At the same time, these cranes can be grouped by the number of engines powering the crane as well. These are called single-engine machines and separate-engine machines. Single-engine machines have only one engine, powering both the superstructure as well as the undercarriages. Whereas, the latter, due to having separate engines, have a comparatively larger capacity. Instead of only one engine powering the superstructure and undercarriages, separate-engine machines have different engines for different purposes.

Constructional Application And Features

A major factor or feature that differentiates telescopic cranes from the rest is a hollow boom with several tubes installed adjacent to the other. These tubes are controlled by the hydraulic mechanism, allowing the crane to lift and drop heavy objects.

Furthermore, telescopic cranes are also relatively more preferred than the other types due to the fact that they have the highest reach and can adjust their height if required. Not only are these machines used in construction projects but also rescue operations.

At the moment, there is no substitute for cranes when it comes to lifting and transporting heavy loads. What started centuries ago, continues to remain relevant even today. Even though cranes were mostly used for construction projects, fishing industries and warehouses etc. use cranes to transport several items at the same time as well.

What Type Should You Choose?

When it comes to choosing a crane for your construction projects, there are several factors to consider. Considering the overwhelming variety available today, it is easy to become confused. To make it easy for yourself, you first need to identify the needs of your construction project.

If you intend to use the crane for constructing tall buildings and lifting extremely heavy loads, you are going to need something like a telescopic crane. At the same time, you need to inspect the construction site as well. These cranes are equipped with tires and tracks serving different purposes.

You would not want to use a crane with tires on soft terrain, as it will simply sink. This is why you need to lay down the requirements, which will help you narrow down the options.

Once you have narrowed down the options, you need to decide whether you should purchase or rent them. Usually, cranes are rented if the duration of the project is somewhere between 3-6 months or more depending on the schedule. However, if you intend to use the crane for years to come, it is better to purchase one.

Final Word

In the end, telescopic cranes are popular for all the right reasons. They are easy to use, transport, maneuver, and can lift extremely heavy loads. They are easily available with any crane rental VA. These cranes get the job done in no time and can withstand tough construction conditions while keeping the surroundings safe.

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