5 Commercial Drain Cleaning Tips

5 Commercial Drain Cleaning Tips

5 Commercial Drain Cleaning Tips

Commercial drains are prone to clogging with time. People often pour down objects made from plastic and other materials that not only cause the drain to block but sometimes damage as well. This can be a stressful situation leading to extreme inconvenience. Although you might need to call a commercial drain cleaning service at some point in time, there are certain things that you can do beforehand to maybe try solving the problem.

Hot Water Could Do The Trick

Believe it or not, the first thing you can do is try clearing and cleaning the drains using hot water. Even though it is an overlooked technique but can do wonders in some cases. If you were to send hot water down the drain, it might help unblock some materials that are stuck. Therefore, use a combination of hot water, pressure, and heat. To ensure the best results, make sure that you try running hot water through the clogged drains for at least 15 minutes. If everything goes perfectly, you should be able to unblock your drains and dislodge any buildups at the same time. The best thing about it is that it is not going to cost you anything.

Use Tools You Already Have

If you have any other ideas about cleaning the drains, you can use the tools you already have, instead of going out and buying new tools or calling a drain cleaning expert to come and work on them. For instance, the plunger that you have in your bathroom might help you unclog the drain. Furthermore, you can also use a specialized sink plunger that is specially designed for sink applications. Whichever plunger you have on your hand, the drain cleaning principle remains the same. You cover the drain opening with a plunger and press back forth continuously for about 1 to 2 minutes. Remember, the key is a steady buildup of pressure. Do not exert excessive pressure, it might cause the plunger to jam.

Homemade Liquid Cleaners

If the above solutions are not working, you might want to try using homemade liquid cleaners that might just do the job. While commercial cleaners can damage the drain pipes, homemade liquid cleaners do not carry such risks. For instance, the most simple and common at-home mixtures is simple vinegar and baking soda. These materials when used in drain pipes react with the objects and materials that block the drain pipes. Moreover, they do not have any effect on the surrounding pipe walls as well.

Use A Drain Snake

One tool that you might have not used until now is the drain snake. It is used if drain blockage is a common problem. These are the same tools that are used by professional drain cleaners to unclog the pipes and you can easily find them at your local department stores. Homeowners have been using the same techniques for a while and this is why these techniques are becoming popular every day. To perform a drain snake, begin feeding the snake through the drain pipes. Turn the handle clockwise until you experience resistance. Rotate the snake so that it lodges onto the blockage. Then, pull the snake from the drain, pulling the clogged material along.

Prevention Tips To Keep Your Drain Running Well

Perhaps the best way to eliminate the drain-blocking problem is not to allow it to happen. Therefore, we suggest that you request monthly performance checks on your drains so that you can put a hand on these blockages. By taking several measures, you can at least catch them in their early stages. Another important factor to help prevent drain clogging is understanding and knowing how drains work. You should never put food wrappers, fibrous foods, animal bones, and paper products down the drain. You will simply end up in trouble later on.

Final Word

This blog was aimed to help you keep your commercial drains clean. Avoid using materials that might potentially cause blockage and try some of the tools you already have. If things do not workout, call the professionals for help.

For commercial purposes, it’s recommended to strike a deal with a drain contractor Mount Vernon to handle every sewer and drain-related tasks for your business. This will make commercial drain cleaning faster and easier.

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