What plants will look the best in my yard?

What plants will look the best in my yard?

Residential Landscaping

Growing plants like vegetables, fruits and ornamental plants all follow the same basic principle of gardening.  In the USA, the department of agriculture has services that help you with specific queries about garden issues. They help you by giving advices on local weather conditions, seasons suitable for plants and also for successful plant varieties in your specific garden areas. Location and the amount of sun also decide the growth of a plant.

The front yard landscaping of the garden should be fixed first as this is the place that is seen more by the family and the guest. A welcoming landscape should always look best when it is viewed from the street. You can plan your front yard with distinctive plants which require easy maintenance.

Front Yard Garden

Variety of Shrubs for every corner of your landscape defines your beautiful yard. They can be selected according to the wonderful size, shape, foliage and flowers of the shrub making your yard into a lovely garden. Taller Shrubs with their evergreen foliage can be useful and can also be added alongside the fencing to give privacy to the yard.

A splash of color in the front yard can be provided by showy flowers that will make a statement and add curb appeal. A good garden needs a mix of perennials as well as annuals. Perennials like Black-eyed-Susans are bright cherry yellow flowers which are eye catching. Daisies in various sizes and varieties, white in color add a different charm to a dark garden. Phlox in variety of colors like red, white, purple, orange and pink is another longer blooming perennial.

There are plenty of annuals like Marigolds which come in orange and yellow flowers that add cheer to your garden. Geraniums are staples of every garden design with bright red color and can be planted in pots as well. Amaranthus are flowers sure to get noticed. Petunias are one of the most popular annuals as they come in huge range of colors and can be planted in hanging baskets.

Backyard Garden

The Backyard garden is more private and casual. A fruit and vegetable garden can be an ideal choice and nothing tastes better than home grown fresh picked fruits and vegetables. Some vegetables like Beans, Broccoli, Tomatoes, Red Bell Peppers, Beets, Leafy Greens, Carrots and Sweet Corns are very useful in daily life. Herbs like Basil, Thyme, Dill, Chives, Cilantro, Mint, Parsley, Fennel, Sage and Tarragon are among the popular herbs that are grown.

Fruits are preferably grown in the backyard landscape and they need plenty of sun and well drained soil. There are some fruits that serve the benefit of providing fresh tasty fruits as well as ornamental plants like apples, blueberries and figs. Delicious Golden Apples and also other variety of apples is a must for your garden. Fig trees make picturesque additions to your backyard and you also get the juicy fresh figs fruits plus they require very little attention. Blueberries shrubs give white flowers in early spring, then the leaves turn orange and scarlet in early fall and then you get ripe blueberry fruits. You can easily grow many types of blackberries and raspberries in your garden.

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