Easy fixes for toilet overflow

Easy fixes for toilet overflow

Easy fixes for toilet overflow

If a toilet is overflowing it can result in the wastage of gallons of water everyday resulting in a huge water bill. It will also increase the possibility of mold in your bathroom. If you take steps to hire drain cleaning contractor it will lead to lot of saving in your money and it will provide a comfortable atmosphere for healthy living.

No specialized knowledge is needed for a person who is interested in solving the toilet drain problems in a do it yourself manner.  The important thing in this case is finding out the cause for the overflow. This will help you to fix the problem.  Once the problem is located easy solutions for the problem can be found out. Some easy steps for diagnosing and fixing of toilet overflow problems are discussed in this article.

Turn of drain and water supply

The first thing to do is to cut off the water supply line to the toilet. Then flush the toilet and let all the extra water drain from the tank. Now you will be able to inspect the flapper in the tank which is often the reason for the overflow of the toilet. Before flushing the toilet ascertain that no obstructions are there in the sewage line. This will help to prevent flooding of water in the toilet.

Look inside the tank after removing its lid

Remove the lid of the tank and place it on top of a towel to avoid cracks or scratches. Examine whether the chain connected to the flapper is intact.  If it needs some adjustments do it so that the problem caused due to shortage of its length is solved. Too short chain may lead to too much tension. By changing the position of the hook, the length of the chain can be adjusted. If it is very long one can also use a cutter and cut short the chain to the required length.

Is there any flapper problems?

If any toilet damage is noticed it has to be rectified immediately, lest the service of a water damage company will be needed to settle the issue. If the above actions were incapable of resolving the problem, check the flapper for any deterioration, discoloration, holes, mineral build up etc by removing it. If it is still in usable condition, clean it and re-insert it and test again.  If it is damaged beyond repair stage, then you will have to replace it immediately to solve the problem. It is always better to replace the entire guts when flapper is being replaced as it will avoid the problem of replacing different parts on different occasions.

A dirty flapper can be cleaned by soaking in pot of vinegar for about 30 minutes. Then scrub the flapper with a brush and this will help to remove any dirt build up. After cleaning the flap can be put back. Now let the tank be filled by turning on the tap. By listening to the sound of the running water one can understand whether the problem has been solved or not. If it is still not solved then, you may be required to get the help of some commercial drain cleaning contractors NY.

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