Drain Cleaning – Know What Causes Drain Blocks and the Suitable Solutions

Drain Cleaning – Know What Causes Drain Blocks and the Suitable Solutions

Drain Cleaning – Know What Causes Drain Blocks and the Suitable Solutions

Buildings need a provision of clean water, and effective drain cleaning in order for all their activities to be performed effectively. Proper waste drainage from a building ensures that your environment will be safe and healthy for use for all tenants and occupants. There will always come a time when your drains can end up blocked because of different reasons. The services of skilled plumbers are then needed to carry out effective cleaning of drains. It will ensure that all wastes will be drained out properly from your building and result to a cleaner environment.

Why Clean Your Drains?

Cleaning your drains is required in each building at one point in time because of drains that got blocked. These blocked drains can happen because of numerous reasons. Different foreign objects that are too large to pass through these drains could be flushed down the toilets. Fallen hair can also be washed down the sinks and accumulate in the drainage pipes, which can also result to a blockage.

Fatty substances and grease which are often washed down the sinks can get stuck on the sides of drainage pipes. After some time, these drains can get blocked because of accumulation of these substances. Those leaves which were not disposed of and swept properly into the garbage cans can also find their way to the drainage pipes, resulting to blockage. Even the tree roots can block drains since these are attracted to moisture as well. These can crack the pipes to reach the water, which will lead to blockage.

Identify the Exact Location of Blockage

For an efficient way of cleaning your drains, it is a must to identify the exact location of the blockage as well as its nature. It will help the plumber in determining the right approach for cleaning the drain. A video pipe inspection uses small cameras which are lowered down into the pipes to allow the plumbers to view the innards of the pipes and provide an appropriate solution.

Clean Your Drains with a Hydrojetter

Plumbers can use hydrojetters for clearing out drains. The hydrojetter is a type of gadget that releases water under extremely high pressure to get rid of any dirt which blocked your drains. This device is being lowered into to the drains and pushed until this reaches the location of the blockage. Its pressurized water is going to break down any blockage into tiny pieces. At the side of a hydrojetter are the nozzles which create a spray for removing particles stuck on the sides of pipes. The water pushes the blockage down the drain to allow free flowing of wastes with no obstacles.

Drain Snake

The drain snake or drain auger is a type of a long flexible cord composed of wires. After a video pipe inspection, this is pushed down drains to the blockage’s location. A motor will turn the wires at the tip of the cord, breaking down objects which caused the obstruction into smaller pieces. The particles will be pushed down the drain to eliminate the blockage and let the waste flow freely in the drain.

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